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Coming Soon: On Introversion, Worship, and Tangential Issues

A few months ago, I read a blog post on introversion. I wish I could link it here, but I've forgotten who wrote it when and where. This morning, I read another (click here), which reminded me that I had wanted to write something myself on the topic, which I did, largely in response to the previously linked post. However, I scrapped it because I was dissatisfied with both the content and the way it came across.

Concerning the content, I had two angles from which I wanted to approach the five practices listed. First, I wanted to come from the perspective of the introvert. Call that the anthropological view. Second, I wanted to come from the God’s perspective, addressing their affects on worship. Call that the theological view. As I wrote the second part, I realized that I need to think a great deal more on it before laying it before you, and so I will.

Concerning the presentation, it became apparent that the first portion, the anthropological view, is so personal that my motivation could easily be misconstrued. The issues involved are so deeply felt that it was difficult not to come across as merely self-justifying. Furthermore, it led to tangents that, while important and relevant, complicated everything. For those reasons, I very nearly decided not to write anything at all.

Still, I think the topic of the previously linked post (Have you read it yet? Please do so.) and the tangential, but more important, topic of worship are important enough to risk the dangers of writing about it, and so I will—but not today. As I do, my hope is that which was expressed in the words of those great twentieth century theologians, The Animals: “I’m just a soul who’s intentions are good; Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

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#1 || 12·05·07··14:44 || Kim Shay

I look forward to what you eventually post. I am a "moderately expressed" introvert, which probably means I am a warped extrovert. Still, I live with introverts, and I'll be interested to read what you write.

#2 || 12·05·07··14:58 || Staci Eastin

I'm interested to read what you say. I'm an introvert, but I had mixed feelings about the article. I have no problem with public prayer or being asked my opinion in a discussion. The greeting hymn on the other hand...

#3 || 12·05·07··15:24 || rebecca

You know, if you were an extrovert, you'd just write the post and not worry about being misunderstood.

#4 || 12·05·07··16:34 || David Kjos

   That’s the most confusing diagnosis I’ve heard in a long time.

   Here’s a preview: I’m against everything, maybe due to my fundamentalist upbringing, but I hope I’ll have a better explanation than that.

   I know. Thanks for making me feel extra pathetic.

#5 || 12·05·08··06:48 || Daniel

Hmmmm... I will write a post on this David, then we can compare. look for it.

#6 || 12·05·08··07:23 || David Kjos

   I’ll make a prediction: your word count will exceed mine.

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